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2020: New Paintings

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Veil, 30 x 40 inches, acrylic on prepared canvas, click here to inquire about availability.

Six months ago I was cleaning the concrete floors of my old studio prior to moving out. Using a solvent to wipe away smears and spills of acrylic, I watched with every pass as one coat of color slowly faded to reveal the next. As if turning through pages of a book, I flipped through layers of color, with each one sparking a memory of its respective painting and the environment that influenced it. The pale yellow awakens a recollection of rain splashing on my studio window. Followed by a shade of indigo that instantly reminds me of a new song that was playing on the radio. These bits of paint that didn’t make it onto the canvas, when considered, translate into memories that emphasize the passage of time between each work’s creation.


My paintings are abstract but the sequential application of color grants my work a narrative component. You can see the beginning and the end simultaneously. The initial shapes recede into space as they are enveloped by veils of subsequent colors. The marks hovering on top are the finish line. Each emerging form is a response to the last; a visual conversation. Sometimes the result in an echo of contours, other times it’s a chorus of contradicting movements and marks. 

Flight, 30 x 30 inches, acrylic on prepared canvas, click here to inquire about availability.

Certain shapes are created through pools of color drying slowly, static yet evolving. In other areas, I erase information in deliberate strokes. This creates a fissure, an abrupt stop in the work’s fluidity. I find meaning in the process of adding, erasing, and filling in voids with new passages of color. Basically, emotions and thoughts are conveyed through an accumulation of diverse marks. A delicate layering of mirroring shapes can conjure a sense of predictability, perhaps you’ll know what to expect as your eyes travel through the painting. A wisp of gradient color floating on the surface mimics the presence of shadow; a suggestion of light in the atmosphere. Just as it is true that in a successful novel every detail is mentioned for a reason, in my paintings every mark is placed with a conscious purpose. The spirit of these new paintings fluctuates between improvised movement and controlled intention.  


Unending, 36 x 48 inches, acrylic on prepared canvas, click here to inquire about availability.



The physical exhibition has been postponed until further notice.



  • Love the story, love the paintings!

  • Very interesting story!


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