Method Joins with Meaning: Recent Paintings


My West facing studio receives an abundance of warm, golden light in the Fall. The radiance induced by the shifting of seasons influences my perception of light and color. Longer light beams of Autumn travel a greater distance to reach us, passing through a thicker layer of atmosphere before illuminating the Earth’s surface. The oblique glow makes an impression on my work both intuitively and physically. Soft, hazy sunlight floods the canvases suggesting a spectrum of possibilities before they come to mind.



In my recent work, I focused on slowing down. Like a mantra, with each pour and stain I reminded myself that slower movement is impactful. The greater consideration of each mark, the deeper context it carries. Method joins with meaning. 

Garden II, 36 x 48 inches


Current, 24 x 30 inches







Within the compositions you’ll find subtle approaches to shifting color and a softness that mimics Fall light. Experimental textures and hue combinations are forefront, breeding the visual language of a mark. My ongoing interest in color and form is rooted in the belief that abstraction can communicate an overwhelming sense of reality.