Movements in Color

Movements in Color

opening January 26th | Spalding Nix Fine Art, Atlanta  

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Untitled as of Yet, watercolor and ink on paper, 2017

My paintings are nature based abstractions driven by an exploration of movement, color, harmony and balance.


Watercolor lends itself to the build up of layers, capturing traces of time and movement.

Untitled as of Yet, 36 x 24", watercolor and ink on paper, 2018

I am inspired by the aesthetics of floral x-ray photography, developed by a radiologist in the 1930’s, this documentation of plant forms resulted in a poetic merge of art and science. The minimal and reductive photographs conveyed an intrinsic beauty.



Taking from their simplicity, I approach my paintings with a sense of restraint; laying down transparent shapes of color and letting the interaction of hues establish a feeling of depth and dynamic motion within each piece.

Last of Summer's Suns, 36 x 24", watercolor and ink on paper, 2018


Untitled as of Yet (Detail), watercolor and ink on paper, 2018

My relationship with the medium is very physical. The surface of a painting is bent, manipulated and twisted to guide the paint, granting the process a sculptural quality.

Untitled as of Yet (Detail), 36 x 24", watercolor and ink on paper, 2018



Through simple gestures of pouring and removing paint,  gravity shapes the lines and forms that start to resemble organic elements. Each painting seeks a level of reservation as well as an embrace of spontaneity. 

Untitled as of Yet, 36 x 24", watercolor and ink on paper, 2018

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  • Your work us very pretty! When you say the painting is on paper is this cotton rag wc paper….hot pressed , cold or a synthetic paper such as yupo or even a fluid paper?…. thanks….m

    Marjorie Hall
  • I’m constantly following your artwork. Every piece is truly breathtaking.

    Alley Self
  • Your painting is sensitive and engaging. Your technical command of watercolor’s transparency is astonishing. Congratulations on your upcoming Atlanta show.

    Eric Maddox
  • Very impressive work of art .

    Max Wade
  • Your work is gorgeous. I literally love every piece!

    Michael Martin

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