Solo show | Miller Gallery 09.07.18

My solo exhibition is on view at Miller Gallery in Charleston through the first week of October 

Photos by Rachael Nerney



This body of work explores spontaneity and control through the use of color, shadow, space and movement. 

I shift between working on paper to panel, exploring different perspectives with each process. To construct my paintings I work with heat, wind and gravity while manipulating the surface to each piece, granting the works a sculptural quality.

The practice is both seductive and uncertain. Fluid media is sensitive to its environment; a deep breath, a slight shift of focus, a sound in the distance all impact the process causing paint to sway from the pre-determined path.

Diverse marks create contrast and subtle tension. The pastel is a controlled mark on a work in which paint application is spontaneous and unpredictable. 




The recent paintings bare resemblance to elements and movements of nature while  departing from literal representations. They pursue a desire to capture an intrinsic harmony in a way that is unpredictable.





My interest in pushing the boundary of painting is ever-present. The work is not confined to walls but impels its way onto the floor and windows. Shadows emerge in between layers of paint. Works on paper expand their presence outside of frames. The relationship between the viewer and the artwork is redefined as a sense of interconnectedness evolves.




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  • I’ve found one of your older paintings I love . Flowers in a semi circle with yellow, greens, reddish-orange. Bottom ic painting in the purple family. Is it still available ? I have screenshot but don’t know how to attach. Joanne

    Joanne Hudson

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