Summer Print Release: Sandflower Collection

I am pleased to share a preview of the new limited edition print collection. 

The new prints are inspired by paintings within my Sandflower series; a collection of intimately sized paintings that explore texture, shadow and depth on a miniature scale.  

I often find that working small brings as much of a challenge as a large canvas. It is a practice rooted in decision and restraint. In my process, a small surface allows for minimal mark-making and layering before a composition that was once prominent grows absent. This challenge encourages me to consider the impact of each gesture in a deeper context. 

The Sandflower pieces are intended to feel both tangible and atmospheric. They are characterized by expanding layers that reveal a vivid center, conveying depth and intimacy in equal measure. 



The prints will be available Wednesday, June 29th at 11:00 A.M. Eastern time.

Prints are created on heavyweight, museum-quality paper with archival ink.

Each print is hand signed and numbered.

Prints measure 16 x 20 inches and priced $250.00

Shipping is free and fully insured worldwide.

Printed locally in Charleston, South Carolina.