Visiting Artist Residency - The Gibbes Museum of Art

I am delighted to share my participation in the Gibbes Museum Visiting Artist residency this Fall.

The Visiting Artist Series features eight artists annually whose work contributes to a new understanding of art in the South.  While in residence, artists are encouraged to create a body of work in response to artwork present in the Gibbes Collection or current exhibition programing. Throughout my residency, I will be considering concepts and themes in the sculptural installation Betwixt and Between by Patrick Dougherty in the museum’s glass atrium. 

Film: The Visiting Artist Series is produced by the Gibbes Museum of Art and directed by Gavin Shelton.


I often think about painting in three dimensions, rather than two. When engaging with the surface in a three dimensional manner, I am considering how the spacial presence of the canvas will shape the composition. I manipulate the work’s surface as paint moves across, leaving a tangible history of its path. I make a conscious effort to maintain control while allowing extraneous elements to influence the painting with equal liberty. The physicality of the process builds the visual language of the piece.  

Dougherty’s work resonates with me through its captivating ability to translate movement by means of stationary object while emanating an energy that connects viscerally with observers. I am intrigued by the artist’s ability to push the material beyond common measure. The pursuit of advancing a medium past its traditional capacity is an ongoing exploration in my work and it is particularly relevant to my interests in merging the boundary between painting and sculpture.


Public Studio Hours 

My studio at the Gibbes Museum will be open to the public August 30th - October 10th on the following days: 

Thursday: 1 - 4 pm

Friday: 1 - 4 pm

Saturday: 1 - 4 pm


The Gibbes Museum of Art

135 Meeting St.

Charleston, SC 29401 


A special thank you to the Gibbes Museum of Art, Erin Glaze and Gavin Shelton




The Gibbes Museum, “The Gibbes strives to provide access to contemporary art through a vibrant Visiting Artist series."