SOLD OUT | Flight

$ 300.00

This is a signed, limited edition print.

- Shipping is free and fully insured worldwide

- Printed on heavyweight watercolor paper with archival ink

- 24 x 30 inches

- Each print is signed, numbered and titled  

- Matte finish 

- Printed locally in Charleston, SC

 About the Series

The new series of prints is inspired by a collection of paintings I completed throughout the past year. The works explore my interest in movement, connection and adaptation of experimental materials.

Each type of medium carries a different meaning, visual weight and tension. When these differences work in tandem they produce a dynamic work. Fluid mediums have proven to be responsive to my temperament and sensibilities. The paint has a transparent, ethereal quality while sand feels tangible and conveys a greater density. Certain areas feel buoyant and others dense, collectively these elements create a sense of balance and atmosphere.

My interests gravitate to processes that demand both dexterity and fluidity, inspiring me to rotate between additive and subtractive methods. Sand and paint are layered, then scraped away. These areas are like tree rings, capturing a visual passage of time and allowing you to view the first and final marks in a unified moment.



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Return & Refund Policy

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