Sold Out | All the light we cannot see I

$ 250.00

This is a signed, limited edition print.

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- Printed on heavyweight watercolor paper with archival ink

- 18 x 24 inches, 45.72 x 60.96 centimeters 

- The print is signed, numbered and titled  

- Matte finish 

- Printed locally in Charleston, SC

 About the Series

In my recent paintings, I incorporate air brushing, spray painting, fluid movements and masking techniques. I borrow some methods of pour painting from the abstract expressionists while incorporating subtractive elements through carving and erasing shapes in the work’s surface.

My interest gravitates to processes that demand both dexterity and fluidity. I work on several paintings at one time. This practice keeps my mind fluid and encourages me not to overthink each mark. It makes the process less precious and presents opportunity to take greater risks without fear.

I typically do not have palpable, established sources of inspiration. I think being an artist requires you to be sensitive to your environment or every day experience, and translate that into the work. Daily revelations or mundane experiences are filtered through your lens forming an imagined, yet incomplete, view of your world. I think making art goes in tandem with getting better at this process. 

I find great influence in nature. When I’m kayaking on the water and I see a tree that has fallen and completely dislodged from the ground, displaying the bottom of its root rather than the profile, it makes me consider how a familiar object can suddenly seem foreign simply by viewing it from a new perspective.



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