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$ 500.00

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This is a signed, limited edition print entitled "Daydream".

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- Printed on heavyweight watercolor paper with archival ink

- 30 x 45 inches 

- Signed and numbered 

- Matte finish 

- This print has an augmented reality feature which can be activated through your phone or tablet

- Printed locally in Charleston, South Carolina 

  About the Series

"The Daydream print depicts an abstract landscape. When the print is viewed through an augmented reality app, it reveals a starling murmuration. Murmurations occur when hundreds of starling birds gather and form expansive patterns in the sky. I see parallels between this natural phenomenon and my own creative approach. Both have intriguing contradictions, such as being simple in their approach while remaining visually complex. Randomness and control with a sense of intuition.

The augmented reality feature was created through a custom-made animation. The animated video starts with my painting as the basis for the composition. From there, the video slowly transforms into a new, virtual landscape.

This project was inspired by my interest in the digital experience. In the past year we relied more than ever on the internet for communication and information. I am curious about the ways art can cross the boundary between being a purely physical visual encounter and benefit from also existing in the virtual world."


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Free Shipping Worldwide code: "freeshippingworldwide"


We are happy to assist with framing. All collectors will receive a digital guide to framing with recommendations of specific online retailers, including an option to frame through the studio. 

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