Podcast & Video Series

In 2023 I’ll be launching a new podcast and video series. Episodes will delve into topics such as my approach to painting, the creative process, finding your voice within abstraction, business and practical advice. This series will include exclusive videos, interviews with fellow creatives and more. 

For more information and to join the waitlist, click here.


Upcoming Episodes:
Podcast: Introduction; Sharing stories about starting a career as an artist (guest interview). 
The Studio Visit (video): Drawing with tape, innovative ways to build a composition.
Podcast: Cultivating a unique visual language within abstraction. (guest interview).
The Studio Visit (video): Using additive and subtractive methods in painting.
Podcast: Utilizing social media for growth and communication (guest interview).
The Studio Visit (video): Implementing both improvisation and meticulous planning to achieve balance within painting.
Podcast: The logistics of being an artist pt. 1 (guest interview).
The Studio Visit (video): Playing with surface texture within my paintings.
Podcast: The logistics of being an artist pt. 2 (guest interview).
The Studio Visit (video): The surface tension of water. 
Podcast: Exhibiting artwork outside of the traditional gallery model (guest interview).
The Studio Visit (video): How (and which) different types of paint I use to create a nuanced visual vocabulary.