Hiring - Studio Assistant Position

Studio Assistant Position 

Hours: 15 - 30 per week 
Pay: $15 per hour 
Schedule: Flex time*


The overall objective of the studio assistant is to aid with all aspects of studio maintenance. The assistant role is to support ongoing operations, ranging from administrative tasks to hands-on work. 

Core Responsibilities 

include but are not limited to: 

Administrative tasks: 

Email correspondence
Website management 
Mailing list management 
Photographing artwork
Graphic design 
Corresponding with vendors (shippers, framers, etc.)
Ordering supplies and materials 
Overseeing various projects
Scheduling and coordinating

Physical tasks:

Prepping canvases 
Packing artwork 
Order fulfillment  
Various creative work

Programs Utilized 


Work Environment 

The work environment is relaxed yet professional. Studio assistant must be comfortable working in a shared space while also able to work efficiently and responsibly without direct supervision.

This position requires frequent interaction in person and over phone with galleries, visitors and vendors.

Day to day tasks are not repetitive and the assistant must be able to cope with frequent changing priorities and deadlines with a high degree of optimism, professionalism & collaboration.
The studio assistant may work flex hours. *Hours have to be shared and approved in advance. 

Ideal Candidate

This position requires an employee who is, above all, capable to efficiently self-manage and meet deadlines without direct supervision or micro management. 

The candidate must have a strong interest in art and arts management. 


The pay is $15 per hour. 

Required number of hours are 15-30 per week. Additional hours are optional depending on need and availability. 

The schedule is flexible and may be set by the employee. *Intended hours must be submitted a week in advance. 

This position allows room for growth in both responsibilities and compensation over time. 

All necessary skills will be taught on the job. Prior experience is preferred but not necessary. 
For immediate consideration please send a resume along with a brief introduction to info@marinadunbar.com with subject line "Studio Assistant Position".