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The Studio Visit: Exclusive Video Series
Access to "The Studio Visit", a monthly video series in which I discuss products, ideas, techniques, paintings and projects I am currently working on and more. Subscribers have the option to vote on specific content that they’d like to have covered in this series.

Access to a monthly podcast in which my guests and I talk about topics ranging from painting and finding your unique voice within abstraction to business, communication, practical advice and more. Subscribers have the option to vote on specific topics as well as guests they’d like to have interviewed.

A free electronic version of my recent book. The book features a collection of texts, images, interviews and QR codes linking to process videos (approximately an hour of viewing time in total). 

Recommended Materials List
The most common question I receive is “What paint do you use?” This list features all of my favorite brands, paints and tools. 

Content is released on a monthly basis. When you subscribe you’ll receive the book and recommended materials list to your email within 24 hours.

Subscribe for $5/mo


Podcast: Introduction, sharing stories about starting a career as an artist 

The Studio Visit: Drawing with tape, one of my favorite ways to build a composition

Podcast: Cultivating a unique visual language within abstraction 

The Studio Visit: How I use additive and subtractive methods when painting

Podcast: Using social media to for growth and communication 

The Studio Visit: Implementing both improvisation and meticulous planning to achieve balance within the painting

Podcast: The logistics of being an artist pt. 1 

The Studio Visit: Playing with surface texture in my paintings 

Podcast: The logistics of being an artist pt. 2

The Studio Visit: Altering the surface tension of water

Podcast: Exhibiting work outside of the traditional gallery model 

The Studio Visit: How (and which) different types of paint I use to create a nuanced visual vocabulary