Garden III

$ 0.00

This is a signed, limited edition print.

- Printed on heavyweight watercolor paper with archival ink

- 24 x 30 inches (fits in a standard size frame)

- Signed, numbered and titled  

- Matte finish 

- Printed locally in Charleston, SC

- Shipping is free and fully insured worldwide


 About the Series

"Landscape-like abstractions awash in a bright palettes of aqua blues, rich magentas with weightlessly soft violets and golds compose this collection. Subtle textures and shadows are forefront within these limited edition prints.

Natural elements such as dry pigments and sand were introduced in the making of the original works. Sand is a physical object, yet its existence is a representation of the passage of time. It is the result of rock erosion and it is a material that continually assembles into new patterns. In the Buddhist tradition, sand is used to convey beauty and ephemerality through the construction and subsequent destruction of mandalas. Using these themes as anchors of inspiration, the works evoke impressions of dunes, flora, and natural phenomena while departing from a faithful rendering of reality."

20% of proceeds from this print will go to benefit Ukrainian refugees via


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Return & Refund Policy

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