Lotus II

$ 400.00

This is a signed, limited edition print.

- Shipping is free and fully insured worldwide

- Printed on heavyweight watercolor paper with archival ink

- 40 x 22 inches

- Each print is signed, numbered and titled  

- Matte finish 

- Printed locally in Charleston, SC

 About the Series

My new collection of limited edition prints draws inspiration from my recent paintings, executed in gestural and energetic washes of greens and floral tones.Through the layers of abstract forms, I aim to draw parallels between the natural world, body, and mind. My compositions arise organically as a reflection of my environment, free from finite interpretations.

The new works are a duality of my additive and subtractive processes.  My approach involves layering glazes of paint infused with sand, which I then carve away to reveal negative space, composing a dynamic interplay of color and texture. An array of textures imbues the surface with a sense of vitality, accentuating the work’s tactile qualities.

In my creative process, I prioritize the materiality of paint in my interpretations of the natural world. I position myself as an observer in the act of painting, guided by my intuition and embracing the fundamental "unfamiliarity" of painting.



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Return & Refund Policy

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