Movement Study in Violet I

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This is an original painting on paper. This is Not a print. 

- created in 2018 in Charleston, SC 

- 22 x 28 inches (framed size) 

- the paper is floated on a white mat

- signed

- made with fluid acrylic paint on paper 

- the frame is included in the purchase price 

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About the series

"My paintings are nature-based abstractions, composed through harmonious movement, material improvisation and layers of translucent color. The paintings bare resemblance to elements in nature while simultaneously departing from literal representations. Each painting seeks a level of reservation as well as an embrace of the unforeseeable.

My relationship with painting is very physical. In my process I manipulate the surface of each piece, granting it a sculptural quality. I move around the painting, positioning myself to direct paint flow from specific angles. The process lends itself to the build up of layers, capturing traces of time and movement. The practice is both seductive and uncertain. Fluid media is sensitive to its environment; a deep breath, a slight shift of focus, a sound in the distance all impact the process causing the paint to sway from the pre-determined path."


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