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Access to a monthly podcast in which my guests and I talk about topics ranging from painting and abstraction to business, communication, practical advice and personal stories. (Preview upcoming episodes below.)

The Studio Visit: Exclusive Video Series

Access to "The Studio Visit", a monthly full-length video series in which I discuss products, ideas, techniques, current paintings and projects I am working on and more. (Preview upcoming episodes below.)

Recommended Materials List

The most common question I receive is “What paint do you use?” This list features all of my favorite brands, paints and tools.


A free electronic version of my recent book. The book features a collection of texts, images, interviews and QR codes linking to process videos (approximately an hour of viewing time in total). 


Upcoming Episodes: 

Podcast: Introduction; Sharing stories about starting a career as an artist (guest interview). 
The Studio Visit (video): Drawing with tape, innovative ways to build a composition.
Podcast: Cultivating a unique visual language through abstraction. (guest interview).
The Studio Visit (video): Using additive and subtractive methods in painting.
Podcast: Utilizing social media for growth and communication (guest interview).
The Studio Visit (video): Implementing both improvisation and meticulous planning to achieve balance within painting.
Podcast: The logistics of being an artist pt. 1 (guest interview).
The Studio Visit (video): Playing with surface texture within my paintings.
Podcast: The logistics of being an artist pt. 2 (guest interview).
The Studio Visit (video): The surface tension of water. 
Podcast: Exhibiting artwork outside of the traditional gallery model (guest interview).
The Studio Visit (video): How I use different types of paint to create a nuanced visual vocabulary.


Episodes are released on a bi-weekly basis. When you subscribe you’ll receive the E-book and recommended materials list to your email within 24 hours. 

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