Pink-edged Clouds - 20" dia

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This is an original painting on wood panel. It is created with multiple layers of pigmented resin. I mix resin with various paints and use a heat gun like a paint brush to move the resin until I achieve my desired composition.

Working with resin yields a reflective finish and vibrant colors. Multiple layers enhance the depth of the work.

The sides are painted white and the painting will arrive ready to hang.

All paintings are created and shipped out of my studio in Columbus, GA. 


Pink-edged clouds, 
sunset sun.
Bedimming light.
New night begun.

Fortell, what new wonders, 
have come to pass? 
A new child born, 
a new blade of grass? 

What things anew, 
will there be? 
New wonders fathomed, 
from the life-giving sea? 

Hued pink-edged clouds.
Low sunset sun.
Bedim thy light.
Still, you are not done.

Because, for from thy union, 
'tis lucid, sure as dawn will be, 
that Life blossoms forth, 
from your simplicity... 

(c) Colorofsky